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We've probably all heard the phrase, he or she is "dressed for success". When we hear this, not many of us envision someone in torn pants and a paint shirt. Instead, we see someone dressed nicely to make a positive impression on the public. May I suggest that the same thing holds true of the antique business?
As antique dealers, purchasing antique merchandise for resale is a very necessary aspect of the business, but certainly by no means should this be the ONLY aspect. The same thing that holds true for successful PEOPLE is also true for antiques. Taking the time to examine the piece, clean the piece, make any minor repairs (without destroying the integrity) and deciding how to present it for public view, are all vital aspects of a successful antiques business.
Also, presenting your shop with its very best face is equally important. Many of us have no doubt (and I'm going to try to be gentle) been in an antique mall, where a particular dealer appears to totally neglect their space, and never clean a thing. Many times, it is dark, dreary and uninviting as well. Oftentimes, you feel as though, touching something, might bring the whole house down in a huge crash to the floor!!! This is not a good way to market your antiques. Realizing that people have a variety of styles & talents, I'm not suggesting that we could all make our shops & spaces look like a home decorating magazine, but the smallest touch of organization and positive presentation, would make a world of difference. Many times, the WAY a piece is displayed, the well lighted and comfortable surroundings, as well as good looking merchandise, is a major factor in making it desireable to the buyer.
The third and final point that I would like to suggest (not as much about looks but presentation) is, being a friendly, helpful dealer that HELPS educate and locate the kind of pieces that appeal to the customer, will draw the customer back to you for more pieces in the future. A smile & a friendly nature is also an inviting display!
DRESSED FOR SUCCESS....DOES apply to antiques as well as the successful PERSON!

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It's equally important to dress your online store for success as well. You want people to recognize you from a familiar logo or trademark but NOT from the same old tired merchandise that you have been trying to sell for years.

If you have a store front page, make sure it is inviting and change the photos periodically to keep it fresh the same as you would change your store windows.

Present your customer with a friendly welcome statement.

Supply plenty of CLEAR photos for your merchandise with detailed descriptions. Show the customer all angles & any damage.

Keep your store organized and easy to find merchandise by grouping items into categories.

It's important to make that online shopping experience a pleasant one if you would like a potential customer to spend some time there.

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Early Linens...
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